Summer Break

With the summer doldrums upon us once again, the markets have made valiant if underwhelming progress toward the May 2015 all time highs. Despite this, the move higher in the past 3 weeks has been considerably less systematic and considerably more erratic that the bulk of the recovery from the February 2016 lows.

Lingering doubts regarding the strength of both US and global growth, weak headline Job creation numbers, the prospect of Fed rate tightening and possible Brexit are all taking their toll. Not surprisingly, equity indices have given back gains of late. The big question on our minds is, do we go lower from here, or does the market reverse and continue up the wall of worry?

With multiple schools of thought on the issue and the charts less compelling than they frequently are, investors are faced with difficult choices when putting new money to work. Below are some charts with analysis to help identify key levels that may help provide clues for how best to position next.


S&P 500, 30 minute bars

SP-500daily2016.6.14 SSOhourly2016.6.14 SSO2day2016.6.14 SDS30minute2016.6.14 SDSdaily2016.6.14

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